Infected Korean Language, Purity versus Hybridity: From the Sinographic Cosmopolis to Japanese Colonialism to Global English

by Koh Jongsok and Ross King

Table of Contents

Critical Introduction

Preface to the Revised Edition

Translator’s Preface

Chapter 1. A Clumsy Confession of Love: In Lieu of a Preface

Chapter 2. A Footnote to My Confession

Chapter 3. Infected Language, Infected Literature: One Perspective on Koreaphone Literature

Chapter 4. Contamination, Infiltration, Hybridity: A Swipe at Purism in Korean

Chapter 5. We are all Greeks: On the English-as-Official-Language Debate

Chapter 6. Disposable Legacy, Indispensable Heritage: Thoughts on Chinese Characters

Chapter 7. France: From Pullanso ~ Pomnanso to P’urangsu

Chapter 8. Random Thoughts on Nuije ka

Chapter 9. On the peripheries of Sogyong pyolgok: “Song of the Western Capital”





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