Black Women as Custodians of History: Unsung Rebel (M)Others in African American and Afro-Cuban Women's Writing

by Paula Sanmartín

Table of Contents

Introduction. “Custodians of History”: (Re)constructing Black Women as Historical and Literary Subjects in African American and Afro-Cuban Women’s Writing

Chapter 1. “We Could Have Told Them a Different Story”: Harriet Jacobs’s Alternative Narrative and the Revision of the White Transcript

Chapter 2. “They Mistook Me for Another Dessa”: Correcting the (Mis)Reading Techniques of the Master(’s) Narrative

Chapter 3. “In My Own Voice, In My Own Place”: The Continuous Revision of History in a Black Cuban Woman’s Testimonial Narrative

Chapter 4. “A Revolution in Poetic Language?”: (Re)Writing Black Women’s History in Black Cuban Women’s Poetry

Conclusion. African American and Afro-Cuban Women Writers and the Dialogical Discourse of Contestation




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