Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun’s Women

by Cecilia Segawa Seigle and Linda H. Chance

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ooku Myths, Ooku Mysteries, and The Ooku in History

Chapter 1. A Distinctive Institution

Chapter 2. Prelude to the Ooku: Tokugawa Women of the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 3. The Head of the Ooku: Midaidokoro, Wife of the Ruling Shogun

Chapter 4. Ladies-in-Waiting

Chapter 5. Concubines and Shogun’s Bed Companions (Ochuro)

Chapter 6. Ooku Scandals

Chapter 7. Ooku Acquisition of Wealth and Power

Chapter 8. Ooku Power Struggles: Politics, Marriages, and Successions





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