Contemporary Chicana Literature: (Re)Writing the Maternal Script

by Cristina Herrera

Table of Contents

Introduction: (Re) Writing the Maternal Script: Mothers and Daughters in Contemporary Chicana Literature

Chapter 1. Malinches, Lloronas, and Guadalupanas: Chicana Revisions of Las Tres Madres

Chapter 2. Constructing Chicana Daughterly Agency: Maternal Activism and Estrangement in Melinda Palacio’s Ocotillo Dreams

Chapter 3. Rejected and Reclaimed Mothers in Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo

Chapter 4. A Long Line of Suffering Women: Mothers and Daughters in Denise Chávez’s Face of an Angel

Chapter 5. Dead Mothers and Virgin Daughters: Rewriting Motherhood in Ana Castillo’s The Guardians

Chapter 6. “The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About”: Rejection, Redemption, and the Lesbian Daughter in Carla Trujillo’s What Night Brings





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