Unnatural Reproductions and Monstrosity: The Birth of the Monster in Literature, Film, and Media

by Andrea Wood and Brandy Schillace

Table of Contents

Introduction Our Monstrous Ways (Brandy Schillace and Andrea Wood)

I. Theorizing Monstrous Genesis: Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 1. Renaissance Demons and Posthuman Cyborgs: Ambroise Paré’s On Monsters and Marvels and Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” (Alistair Brown )

Chapter 2. The Devil Made Me Do It: Sin, (Inner) Demons, and Monstrous Reproduction in Milton’s Paradise Lost (Joanna Shearer)

Chapter 3. Constructing the Vampire: Spirit Agency in the Construction of the Vampire in the Anonymous Acten-mabige und Umstansliche Relation von denen Vampiren oder Menschen-Saugern (1732) (Michael Pickering)

Chapter 4. Monsters that Matter: The Monstrous Birth and Other Things that Rise in the Contemporary Zombie Film (Jesse Stommel)

II. Repetition and Replication: Unnatural Reproduction(s)

Chapter 5. Monstrosity, Monument and Multiplication: ‘The Lamenting Lady’ Margaret of Henneberg (and her 365 Children) in Early Modern England (Lindsay Ann Reid)

Chapter 6. Death, Disease and Discontent: The Monstrous Reign of the Super-virus (Emilie Taylor-Brown)

Chapter 7. Serial Death and the Zombie: The Networked Necronomics of Left 4 Dead (Stephanie Boluk)

III. Dangerous Maternity and Monstrous Mothers

Chapter 8. Mothering Monsters: Avoidances, Intervention and Response to Freakery in Progressive America (K.A. Woytonik)

Chapter 9. Hypersaurus Rex: Recombinant Reality in Jurassic Park (Randy Laist)

Chapter 10. Monstrous Mothers and the Ultimate Sacrifice: Vampiric Pregnancies in Angel and Breaking Dawn (Dani Lawson)

IV. Innocence Lost: Monstrous Children

Chapter 11. ‘Children of the Night’: Dracula, Degeneration and Syphilitic Births at fin de siècle (Brandy Schillace)

Chapter 12. Monstrous Births and Monstrous Children in the Late Nineteenth Century (Alison Crockford)

Chapter 13. Gender, Genetic Engineering, and Ethics: Transhumanism in Splice and Hanna (April Miller)

Chapter 14. Failed Futurity: Reproductive Anxieties, Undead Children, and Queering Survival in Apocalyptic Zombie Films (Andrea Wood)




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