Hybrid Lives of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts: A Critical Reader

by Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner

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Section I: Communities of Practice

Chapter 1: Teaching Artist Communities (Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner)

Chapter 2: The Impact of Professional Learning Programs: A Case Study of Dance Teaching Artists (Lynnette Young Overby)

Chapter 3: Dancing with our Textbooks on our Heads (Celeste Miller)

Chapter 4: “The Learners Teach and the Teachers Learn”: Applied Drama Training in U.K. Higher Education (Matt Jennings)

Chapter 5: Holding Another’s Story (Roxanne Schroeder-Arce)

Chapter 6: We’re Not Just out of Work Actors Anymore (Doug Risner and Mary Elizabeth Anderson)

Section II: Sites of Practice

Chapter 7: Teaching Artist Sites (Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner)

Chapter 8: Theatre for Development and its Contradictions: Defining the Discipline (Tim Prentki)

Chapter 9: Preparing the Reflective Practitioner: Theatre Practice as Reflective Process (Chrissie Tiller)

Chapter 10: Moved to Dance: Socially Engaged Dance Facilitation (Sara Houston)

Chapter 11: An “Empathetic Teaching Artistry”: Teaching the Arts in Schools (Doug Risner with Kim Taylor Knight)

Chapter 12: Finding Enough Work (Doug Risner and Michael Butterworth)

SECTION III: Responsibilities of Practice

Chapter 13: Teaching Artist Responsibilities (Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner)

Chapter 14: A Born Again Teaching Artist: Retelling the Journey (Becky Dyer)

Chapter 15: Improvisation, Veterans, and Homelessness (Charlie Mitchell)

Chapter 16: Engaging Teaching Artists in Educational Assessment: Through the Eyes of an Artist (Barry Oreck and Jane Piirto)

Chapter 17: Ethical Problems for Hybrid Teaching Artist-Researchers (Dani Snyder-Young)

Chapter 18: Questions about my Profession (Doug Risner and Mary Elizabeth Anderson)

Chapter 19: Postsecondary Possibilities in Teaching Artistry: Visions for Dance and Theatre Curricula (Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner)

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