Cosmopolitanism in China, 1600–1950

by Minghui Hu and Johan Elverskog

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (Minghui Hu and Johan Elverskog)

Part I: Cosmopolitan Empire

Chapter 2: Making Manchus and Muslims: Cosmopolitan Identities in Qing China (James Frankel)

Chapter 3: The Appointment of Tian Wenjing and Cosmopolitanism in Qing Provincial Government (R. Kent Guy)

Part II: Academic Visions

Chapter 4: From Special Methodologies to Cosmopolitan Vision (Chang So-an and Minghui Hu)

Chapter 5: Toward Buddhist Cosmopolitanism: The Pan-Asian Vision of Gong Zizhen (Stephen Roddy)

Part III: Contact and Exchange

Chapter 6: Kim Chong-hui (1786-1856): A Late Choson Korean Polymath in the Cosmopolitan World of Qing China (Benjamin Elman)

Chapter 7: Cultural Solidarity in Troubled Times: The Inspiration of Yu Yue (Stephen Roddy)

Part IV: Culture and Politics

Chapter 8: Did the Yellow Emperor Come from Babylonia? Debating the Origins of Chinese Civilization in East Asia (Sun Jiang and Minghui Hu)

Chapter 9: Why Culture?: The Great War and Du Yaquan’s Civilizational Discourse (Wang Hui and Minghui Hu)




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