Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations: Connecting Old and New Diasporas to the Homeland

by Danielle Porter Sanchez and Toyin Falola

Table of Contents

Introduction: "Facebook Comme Vous Le Voulez": Migration and the Imagining of African and Diasporic Identities and Homelands

Section One: Challenging Identities

Chapter 1: New African Diasporas and the Development of Black Solidarity in Belgium

Chapter 2: Beyond Diasporic Times and Spaces: Identity Formations Among Eritrean Protestants during Colonial Times

Chapter 3: Betwixt and Between: Creating, Negotiating, and Contesting Diaspora Identities

Chapter 4: What is a Politics of Amnesia?: Unsettled Memory and Elusive Nation in Cameroon

Section Two: Contesting Spaces and Constructing Homelands

Chapter 5: A Kind of Homecoming

Chapter 6: Rewind and Reframe: Thoughts on Children and Contemporary Issues of Race

Chapter 7: Rwandan Government and Diaspora: Working Together to Harness the Power from Institutions Built for Unity at Home and Abroad

Section Three: Performing Africa, Africanity, and African Issues

Chapter 8: Homeless at Heart: A Comparative Study of the Physical and Cultural Concept of the (home) Land as Depicted in Lopes’ Le Lys et le Flamboyant and Ndiaye’s En famille

Chapter 9: From Juan to Juan: The Triumph of Poet and Subject in Juan Latino's Austrias Carmen

Chapter 10: Zimbabwean Transnational Migration and Diasporic Identities in Brian Chikwava’s Harare North and Petina Gappah’s An Elegy for Easterly




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