Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future

by Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Introduction: Expanding the Circle of the We (Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi)

Chapter 1: On Django Unchained and Other Humorous, Multidirectional, Unconventional Memories of Slavery (Renata Morresi)

Chapter 2: Reimagining Family Trees (Elisa Bordin)

Chapter 3: “What is Africa to me—now?” (Marcus Wood)

Chapter 4: Remembering and Imagining Slavery (Catherine Reinhardt)

Chapter 5: Which Memory? (Paulla A. Ebron)

Chapter 6: From Plantation to Screen, Outside Hollywood (Stefano Bosco)

Chapter 7: Slaves, Rebels, and Seducers (Irina Bajini)

Chapter 8: Telling Teens about Slavery (Anna Scacchi)

Chapter 9: Reimagining Slave Heroes (Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi)




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