Writing Contemporary Nigeria: How Sefi Atta Illuminates African Culture and Tradition

by Walter Collins

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Of Motherhood, Marriage, and Professionals: Transgenerational Emancipation of Nigerian Women

Chapter 2: Recasting Sisterhood and its Ambiguities

Chapter 3: Notions of Motion: Rites of Passage

Chapter 4: Sefi Atta’s Voice, Vision, and Social Vision

Chapter 5: Female Alter-Native Publics, ImagiNations, and Cityness

Chapter 6: Images and Voices of Lagos

Chapter 7: The Influence of Lagos on Women

Chapter 8: “Drug Mules” Not “Queen-Pins”: Trafficking in Sefi Atta’s Swallow and The Last Trip

Chapter 9: Dictatorship and Alienation

Chapter 10: Teaching the Composition Student Self-Defense

Chapter 11: An Interview with Sefi Atta




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