The Quest for Leadership: Thomas E. Cronin and His Influence on Presidential Studies and Political Science

by Michael A. Genovese

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Introduction: Thomas E. Cronin (Michael A. Genovese)

Chapter 1: Hitting the Ground Running Twice (Meenekshi Bose)

Chapter 2: Leadership and the Tending of Coalitions (Bruce Miroff)

Chapter 3: President as War-Time Leader (David Gray Adler)

Chapter 4: Reflections on the State of Presidential Leadership and Authority (Victoria A. Farrar-Myers)

Chapter 5: Mistaking the Moment and Misperceiving the Opportunity (Lara M. Brown)

Chapter 6: Presidents Bush and Obama and the Surveillance of Americans (James P. Pfiffner)

Chapter 7: Leading the Public/ Following the Public (Todd L. Belt)

Chapter 8: America’s World Leadership (David C. Hendrickson)

Chapter 9: Leadership in the Judicial Context (Christopher Shortell)

Chapter 10: Higher Education (Joseph M. Cronin)

Chapter 11: I Am an American Day (David Schmitz)

Chapter 12: Geoleadership (E.S. Wibbeke)

Epilogue: On Politics and Physics (Alex Cronin)


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