Chinese Avant-garde Fiction: Quest for Historicity and Transcendent Truth

by Zhansui Yu

Table of Contents

Introduction: Avant-Garde Fiction as Counter-History and Transcendent Epistemology in Post-Mao China

Chapter 1: Discourses of Mood and Limit-situation: Moral-political Optimism versus Existential Epistemology

Chapter 2: Subverting Constructed History: The Political Body, Historical Codes, Hatred, and Human Nature

Chapter 3: From Metaphysics to Historicity: The Human Condition, Loneliness, Death, and History

Chapter 4: Rejection of History: Fear, Imperceptible Reality, and Unreliable Memory

Chapter 5: Tradition as Avant-garde: Aesthetics of Extreme, Violence, and Ambiguity

Epilogue A Miracle Flower in a Miracle Time




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