Security Forces in African States: Cases and Assessment

by Paul Shemella and Nicholas Tomb

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Larger Context (Paul Shemella)

Chapter 2. Tools for Assessment: Level 1 and Level 2 (Paul Shemella)

Chapter 3. The Democratic Republic of Congo Case ( Nicholas Tomb)

Chapter 4. The Guinea-Bissau Case (Thomas Bruneau)

Chapter 5. The Case of Guinea (Paul Clarke)

Chapter 6. The Case of Mali (Cristiana Matei)

Chapter 7. The Togo Case (Madoua Teko-Folly)

Chapter 8. The Nigeria Case (Thomas Mockaitis)

Chapter 9. The Kenya Case (Lawrence Cline)

Chapter 10. The Case of Ethiopia (Bruce Sweeney)

Chapter 11. The Case of Chad (Christopher Jasparro)

Chapter 12. The Tunisia Case ( Lawrence Cline)

Chapter 13. Synthesis ( Nicholas Tomb and Paul Shemella)




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