The Monster as War Machine

by Mabel Moraña

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction 1

· Teratological Preface: Thinking the Monster

· Notes on the Poetics of the Monster

Chapter 2. The Monster in History

· Monstrosity and Colonialism

· Reason and the Monster

· “Scientific” and Neo-Gothic Monstrosity

· Epistemophilia and the Performance of Difference

· “Cosmic Fear”: Polidori and Lovecraft

· Abjection, Splitting, and Pastiche: Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula

· Monstrosity and Modernity

· Monstrosity and Nation

· Godzilla and King Kong: Postwar Monsters

Chapter 3. Monsters and the Critique of Capitalism

· Gothic Marxism and Post-Marxism

· Vampires

· Cyborgs

· Zombies

· Marx avec Derrida: Toward a Hauntology of the Present

Chapter 4. Monsters and Philosophy

· The Sinister, the Abject, and the Fetishization of Difference: Freud, Kristeva, Baudrillard Normality and Anomaly: Canguilhem, Foucault

· Event, Sublimity, and Anamorphosis: Žižek, Badiou

· Monstrosity, Nomadism, War Machine: Deleuze, Guattari, Braidotti, Maffesoli

· The Machinic Monster: Spectrality and Posthumanism

· The Monster and Gender: Haraway

Chapter 5. Monstrosity and Biopolitics

· The Common, the New Barbarian, and the Multitude: Hardt and Negri

· The Werewolf and Political Power: Agamben and Psychoanalysis

· Community, Immunity, and Originary Fear: Esposito

· Bioculture, Bioresistance, Bioproxemics: Valenzuela

Chapter 6. Monstrosity, Representation, and the Market

· Monstrous (Id)Entities: From Freak Shows to Michael Jackson

· Zombification and Social Consciousness: George Romero’s Zombie World

· Spectacularization and Consumption: “Glam Gothic” as a Line of Flight

Chapter 7. Monsters on the Margin

· Radical Hybridity and the Popular Subject in Latin America

· The Machinic Simulacrum

· Peripheral Vampires

· The Monster on the Screen

· Tropical Zombies: The Master, the Slave, and the Zombie

· The “Uses” of the Zombie

· Zombitude and Coloniality

· Systemic Monstrosity and Popular Imaginaries

· Chupacabras and Jarjachas

· Pishtacos and Sacaojos

Chapter 8. Coda

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