Painting History: China’s Revolution in a Global Context

by Jiawei Shen

Table of Contents

The Paintings



Chapter 1: The Fate of a Painting

Chapter 2. Red Star over China

Chapter 3. Tolerance

Chapter 4. Wounds: The Story of Dr. Norman Bethune

Chapter 5. 1972 Imperial Palanquin: After Yan Liben

Chapter 6. Laocoön: After El Greco

Chapter 7. The Opening of the Fifth Seal: After El Greco

Chapter 8. Eileen Chang’s Family

Chapter 9. Revolution

Chapter 10. Spain 1937

Chapter 11. Peking Treaty

Chapter 12. 1966 Beijing Jeep

Chapter 13. Third World

Chapter 14. Absolute Truth

Chapter 15. Russia 1917

Chapter 16. Wise Men from the East

Chapter 17. Chin Peng: The Last Communist


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