Gao Xingjian and Transmedia Aesthetics

by Mabel Lee and Liu Jianmei

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction (Mabel Lee and Liu Jianmei)

Part I. Philosophical Inquiry

Chapter 2. Gao Xingjian and Philosophy (Jean-Pierre Zarader)

Chapter 3. Gao Xingjian: Exemplifying a Renaissance in Today’s World (Liu Zaifu)

Chapter 4. An Insignificant Individual’s Defiance: Gao Xingjian’s The Man Who Questions Death (Ming Jian)

Chapter 5. The Art of Gao Xingjian: Metamorphosis and the Grotesque in Soul Mountain (Stephen Conlon)

Chapter 6. Women and the Dao in Gao Xingjian’s Works (Liu Jianmei)

Part II. Transdiscipline, Transgenre, Transmedia, and Transculture

Chapter 7. Nonattachment and Gao Xingjian’s Neutral Actor (Gilbert Fong and Shelby Chan)

Chapter 8. Gao Xingjian’s Search for a Scenic Dramaturgy and Cinematic Language in Song of the Night (Mary Mazzilli)

Chapter 9. Two Gao Xingjian Exhibitions Launched Simultaneously in Brussels during 2015 (Liu Zaifu)

Chapter 10. The Mind’s Eye: Subjectivity in Gao Xingjian’s Paintings (Kwok-kan Tam)

Chapter 11. Chan Buddhist Scenography and Gao Xingjian’s Opera Snow in August (Jiang Hanyang)

Part III. Cine-Poems with Paintings, Dance, and Music

Chapter 12. Floods and Forests: Gao Xingjian’s Transcultural Aesthetic of Catastrophe (Megan Evans)

Chapter 13. Bodies and Paintings: Gao Xingjian’s After the Flood (Fiona Sze-Lorrain)

Chapter 14. From Theater to Cine-Poetry: Gao Xingjian’s Performance Theories Wah Guan Lim

Chapter 15. Inlaying Images and Seeing Poetry: Gao Xingjian’s Cine-Poem Requiem for Beauty (Yue Huanyu)

Part IV. Identifying and Defining the Self

Chapter 16. Gao Xingjian: Autobiography, Auto-Fiction, and Poetry (Noël Dutrait)

Chapter 17. Working Through Trauma in Gao Xingjian’s One Man’s Bible (Janet Shum)

Chapter 18. Identity and Creation: A Conversation with Gao Xingjian (Michael Berry)

Chapter 19. The Authorial Self in Gide’s The Fruits of the Earth, Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet, and Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain (Pan Shuyang)

Epilogue. A Panoramic View of Gao Xingjian’s World (Liu Zaifu)

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