Emanated Buddhas in the Aureole of Buddhist Images from India, Central Asia, and China

by Tianshu Zhu

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Buddha/Bodhisattva Images with Emanated Figures in the Aureole

Chapter 2: The Development of Images with Emanated Figures in the Aureole

Chapter 3: The Notion of Generating Other Buddhas in Buddhism

Chapter 4: The Tranformed-Buddhas and the Buddhas-Of-The-Ten-Directions

Chapter 5: Bodhisattva As The Emanator

Part II: Special Iconographies with Emanated Buddhas in the Aureole

Chapter 6: A Possible Iconography of Amit?bha from Gandh?ra

Chapter 7: The Dharmadh?tu Buddha Images from Kucha

Chapter 8: The Narrative Depictions At Kucha and Turfan

Chapter 9: A Buddha Showing Realms of Rebirth in His Aureole

Part III: Inception and Transmission

Chapter 10: Gandh?ra: Inception of the Mah?y?na Element

Chapter 11: Khotan: Flourish in a Mah?y?na Area

Chapter 12: Kucha: A Mah?y?na Motif in a H?nay?na Area

Chapter 13: Central China: The Resonant-Body in Chinese Cosmology

Chapter 14: Conclusion




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