Texts and Transformations: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Victor H. Mair

by Haun Saussy

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Tabula Gratulatoria

Introduction: From the Cave of a Thousand Books: An Appreciation of Victor Mair (Haun Saussy)

Chapter 1: On Translation: How and Why Can Something Less than a Mirror Be Useful? (Perry Link)

Chapter 2: Gao Xingjian’s Chan-Inspired Absurdist Aesthetics (Mabel Lee)

Chapter 3: Sinophone Intervention with China: Between National and World Literature (David Der-wei Wang)

Chapter 4: A Tale without Shape or Shadow: The Wedding, The War, and The Court Case of the Mouse and the Cat in Traditional Chinese Popular Literature (Wilt L. Idema)

Chapter 5: Maligned Exchanges: The Uyghur-Tang Trade in the Light of Climate Data (Nicola Di Cosmo)

Chapter 6: Imagery of Archery and Accoutrements in Epics from Southwest China (Mark Bender)

Chapter 7: Passing for Chinese: Reading Hybridity in Wang Tao’s “The Story of Mary” [Meili xiaozhuan] (Emma J. Teng)

Chapter 8: Learning from Editions: Nü yuhua [Female Jail Flower] As Seen in Two Early Printings (Ellen Widmer)

Chapter 9: The Chinese Garden as an Intellectual Enterprise (Jerome Silbergeld)

Chapter 10: Fotudeng’s Spell Practice and the Dharani Recitation Ritual (Koichi Shinohara)

Chapter 11: The Not-So-Long Arm of the Law: Monastics and the Royal Court (Phyllis Granoff)

Chapter 12: Who Guards the Buddha-Word? The Samgha’s Precarious Position in Matters of Scriptural Authority (Tanya Storch)

Chapter 13: Yijing and the Buddhist Cosmopolis of the Seventh Century (Tansen Sen)

Chapter 14: Countdown to 1051: Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Periodization of the Buddhist Eschaton in Heian and Liao (Mimi Yiengpruksawan)

Notes and Index


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