The Poetics and Politics of Sensuality in China: The “Fragrant and Bedazzling” Movement (1600-1930)

by Xiaorong Li

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. “Recluses in the Arms of Women”: The Emergent Non-official Literati and Their discourse in the Late Ming

Chapter 2. “Phantom Clouds and Rain”: Wang Cihui’s Sensualist Poetry as an Alternative Route to Self-Realization

Chapter 3. Sensualism or Sensationalism?: The Textual Politics of Poems on Beautiful Women

Chapter 4. “Food and Sex are the Principal Desires”: The Elevation of Sensuality during the Late Qing

Chapter 5. “One Thousand Beauties” and “Five Hundred Poets”: Making Monumental Sensualist Anthologies

Chapter 6. “I Love Beautiful Women as Much as my Country”: The Political Agenda of Fragrant and Bedazzling Magazine





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