Insects in Chinese Literature: A Study and Anthology

by Wilt L. Idema

Table of Contents

Chinese Dynasties

Introduction: Portrayal of Insects

Part I: Insects in Belles Lettres

Chapter 1: The Silkworm

Chapter 2: The Cicada

Chapter 3: Lessons Learned from Insects

Chapter 4: Fables on the Praying Mantis and the Spider

Chapter 5: The Ant, the Bee, and the Butterfly

Chapter 6: The Cricket, the Grasshopper, and the Locust

Chapter 7: The Fly and the Mosquito

Chapter 8: The Scorpion, the Louse, the Flea, and the Bedbug

Chapter 9: Group Portraits


Chapter 10: Insects in Narrative Literature

Part II: Insects in Popular Literature

The Names of the Thirty-Six Kinds of Insects

Chapter 11: Weddings

The Precious Scroll of the Marriage of the Mantis

The Dragonfly’s Abduction of the Bride

The Mantis Abducts His Bride

The Dung Beetle Abducts His Bride

Chapter 12: Funerals

The Hundred-Day Insect

The War of the Insects

Chapter 13: Battles and Wars

The Battle of the Insects

The Song of the War of the Fly against the Mosquito

Chapter 14: Disputes and Court Cases

Southern Window Dream

The Louse Cries out his Grievances [followed by The Court Case of the Bedbug against the Mosquito]

The White Louse Voices his Grievances

Epilogue: Some Comparative Perspectives




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