Antón Pérez: Manuel Sánchez Mármol’s Novel of Race, War, and Passion

by Terry Rugeley

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Pardo

Chapter 2: The Padreo

Chapter 3: The Priests

Chapter 4: The Reform

Chapter 5: The Republic

Chapter 6: The Return

Chapter 7: The Regalo

Chapter 8: The Promise

Chapter 9: The Passion

Chapter 10: The Patriot

Chapter 11: The Decision

Chapter 12: The Riot

Chapter 13: The Withdrawal

Chapter 14: The New Order

Chapter 15: Operation Brigade

Chapter 16: The Comandante

Chapter 17: The Death Song

Chapter 18: The Desperate Flight

Chapter 19: The Deathbed

Chapter 20: The End of a Hero





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