Metalworking in Bronze Age China: The Lost-Wax Process

by Peng Peng

Table of Contents

List of Figures


Chronology and Maps


Chapter 1. What Is Lost-wax Casting?

Chapter 2. Metalworking in Bronze Age China

Chapter 3. Was Lost-wax Casting Used in Bronze Age China?

Chapter 4. Further Confirmed Lost-wax Castings I: The Xiasi Jin

Chapter 5. Further Confirmed Lost-wax Castings II: Certain “Diatrete” Vessels and Mirrors

Chapter 6. Further Confirmed Lost-wax Castings III: Objects with “Interpenetrating” Openwork Appendages

Chapter 7. Design as the Driving Force

Chapter 8. The Origin of the Lost-wax Technique in Bronze Age China

Chapter 9. Coda: Additional Issues and Comments




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