The Soul of Jade Mountain

by Husluman Vava

Table of Contents


Translator’s Preface

Author’s Preface: Memories of a Change of Key


Chapter One:At the Beginning

Chapter Two:A Place Called Lumah

Chapter Three: Festival to Open New Land

Chapter Four: The Sowing Ceremony

Chapter Five: The Bird-Chasing Season

Chapter Six: Taro Skin in the Wind

Chapter Seven: The Stars that Never Fall from the Sky

Chapter Eight: Oh Millet! We Welcome You to Our Homes

Chapter Nine: The Road to Maturity

Chapter Ten: The Ear-Shooting Festival


Chapter 1: The One Nearest to the Ancestors

Chapter 2: An Appointment with Food

Chapter 3: A Gift from the Gods

Chapter 4: The Hunt

Chapter 5: A Hunter Named Black Bear

Chapter 6: Cina’s Loom

Chapter 7: The Lost Village of Women

Chapter 8: The Woman Who Came From Afar

Chapter 9: The Season for Tying Sogon Grass Knots

Chapter 10: The Ritual of Birth

About the Author and the Translator


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