A Taiwanese Literature Reader

by Nikky Lin

Table of Contents

Foreword by Su Shuo-Bin

Introduction by Nikky Lin

Chapter 1: A Lever Scale by Loa Ho (trans. Darryl Sterk)

Chapter 2: The Newspaper Boy by Yang K’uei (trans. Chris Wen-chao Li)

Chapter 3: Autumn Letter by Zhu Dianren (trans. Darryl Sterk)

Chapter 4: The Town Planted with Papaya Trees by Long Yingzong (trans. Kyle Shernuk)

Chapter 5: Head and Body by Wu Yong-fu (trans. Edward Vickers)

Chapter 6: Sweeping Torrent by Wang Chang-hsiung (trans. Chris Wen-chao Li)

About the Editor and Translators


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