Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture: A Comparative and Literary-Historical Reevaluation

by Hongjian Wang

Table of Contents

Introduction: Decadence vs. Tuifei

Part I: Seeing Romanticism through Decadence: Tuifei Writers in the 1920s and 1930s

Chapter 1. Yu Dafu: A Hesitant Pioneer of “Body-Writing”

Chapter 2. Shao Xunmei: An Ardent Advocate for Earthly Pleasures

Part II. Farewell to Revolution: Critical Fin-de-Siècle-ization in the Late 1980s and Early 1990s

Chapter 3. Yu Hua: A Humanist Obsessed with Evil

Chapter 4. Su Tong: A Chinese Echo of Nietzsche

Part III. Performing Perversion: Decadence with Chinese Characteristics from the Mid-1980s to the Turn of the Century

Chapter 5. Wang Shuo: The Elite in Hooligan Disguise

Chapter 6. Wang Xiaobo: A Contrarian Hero

Chapter 7. Yin Lichuan: A Reflexive Rebel

Conclusion: The Rise and Fall of China’s Modern Cultural Elite




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