Missionary Practices on the Gold Coast, 1832–1895: Discourse, Gaze and Gender in the Basel Mission in Pre-Colonial West Africa

by Seth Quartey

Table of Contents






Chapter l. Introduction

The Gold Coast (GC)

Religion and the Formation of the GC

Brief History of the Basel Mission (BM)

Early Beginnings of the BM in the GC

Chapter 2. Literature and Concepts

Missionary as Concept of Progress

Mission: Commerce, Consciousness, and Discourse


Chapter 3. Riis, Widmann and Reindorf

Andreas Riis: A Lifetime of Colonial Drama

Innocent Arrival on the Gold Coast

Stumbling to Akropong

Building the Mission House

Conflict with the Danes

Marriage to Anna Wolters

Riis: Naturalist and Ethnologist

New Beginnings with the West Indians

Misconceptions and Conflicts

Riis and the Question of Slavery/Disenchantment

Chapter 4. Rosine Widmann. Gender and Discourse on the Mission Field

Life in Korntal

Widmann’s Mission and Quest

Journey to London

London and Environment

Enroute to Africa

On the Gold Coast

Meeting with Georg Widmann

Carrying the Missionary

Turbulences and Opinions

Missionsfrau Zeal

Gender, Discourse, Identity

Death, Accusation and Excuses

Chapter 5. Carl Christian Reindorf: Colonial Subjectivity, Drawn Boundaries

Carl Christian Reindorf

Conceptual Basis for a Pre-colonial and Colonial Identity

Reception of History

Reindorf and the BM Hierarchy

From “The Stronghold of Satan” to “Christianity”

Reindorf’s Image of the European

The BM, Reindorf and the Question of Slavery

Chapter 6. Conclusion



Archival documents

Secondary Literature



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