Oedipal Rejection: Echoes in the Relationships of Gay Men

by Scott Harms Rose

Table of Contents



Editorial method

Chapter One: Introduction

Intended Objectives

Study Assumptions

Chapter Two: Background

Male figures in the development of Proto-Gay Boys

Fathers’ Functions with Pre-oedipal Sons and the Development of a Sense of Masculine Identity

Growing up Gay––The Critical Importance of Other Boys

Projective Identification and Environmental Heterosexism and Homophobia

Object Relating and Object Use

Attachment Theory

The Three Dimensions of Experience

Chapter Three: The Study

Nature and Type of Study

Scope of Study

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Chapter Four: Findings of the Study

Subject A: William

Subject B: James

Subject D: Phillip

Subject E: Peter

Subject F: Darryl

Chapter Five: Discussion

Relations with Peers and Fathers

Adolescence––The Second Individuation Process

Unconscious Phantasies

• Only Women Love Men, So If I Love Men, Then I Must Be Like A Woman, And That’s Bad

• Disappointing/Hurting the Father Through One’s Badness

• Fear of Driving Others Away if One is Authentic

• Idealizing and Idealized Object/Rejecting Object: If I’m / He’s Only Good Enough…

• Those Who Don’t Love Me Are Bad: All Gay Men Are Bad

• Being Awakened / Rescued from Deadness

• Seeking Out Triangular Relationships

Limitations of Findings

Clinical Implications and Further Research

Conceptual Biases and Use of Theory






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