Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption: The Case of Zambia

by Kenneth K. Mwenda


Poverty-related problems facing Africa are not only overwhelming but are also monumental and worrisome. Some of Africa’s poverty problems are self-inflicted and have increasingly become systemically chronic, while others are externally instigated. This book focuses on an aspect of those problems that are principally internal to Africa––the issue of corruption. The book picks out Zambia as a case study. Thus, the efficacy of the legal and institutional framework for fighting corruption in Zambia is examined. As an authoritative text on Zambian jurisprudence, this book brings out critically and analytically incisive legal perspectives. The book also makes reference to closely related developments in other jurisdictions. Weaknesses in the legal and institutional framework in Zambia are identified, and the book spells out proposals to strengthen the framework.


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