To Vary or Not? The Effects of Ad Variation on the Web

by Sang Yeal Lee and S. Shyam Sundar


Despite the fact that billions of dollars in advertising expenditures are spent on the web, little is known regarding what impacts advertising effectiveness online. Given limited knowledge and understanding, advertisers usually simply apply the same techniques to online advertising as they do to traditional media such as television. A key advertising strategy in offline media is the use of ad variation, or employing different creative manifestations of the same ad.


This book is the first investigation of whether and how this strategy works on the web. The authors employ a rigorous experimental methodology using real web ads that are systematically varied across a variety of treatment conditions. The results show that the ad variation strategy can work online but that its effectiveness depends on the measure of interest and moderating factors. This groundbreaking book includes a foreword by Dr. Ronald Faber, former Editor of the Journal of Advertising.

To Vary or Not? should be required reading for any scholar or business executive concerned with online advertising strategy.


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