The Jin Yong Phenomenon: Chinese Martial Arts Fiction and Modern Chinese Literary History

by Ann Huss and Jianmei Liu


This pioneering book is the first English-language collection of academic articles on Jin Yong's works. It introduces an important dissenting voice in Chinese literature to the English-speaking audience.

Jin Yong is hailed as the most influential martial arts novelist in twentieth-century Chinese literary history. His novels are regarded by readers and critics as “the common language of Chinese around the world” because of their international circulation and various adaptations (film, television serials, comic books, video games).

Not only has the public affirmed the popularity and literary value of his novels, but the academic world has finally begun to notice his achievement as well. The significance of this book lies in its interpretation of Jin Yong’s novels through the larger lens of twentieth-century Chinese literature. It considers the important theoretical issues arising from such terms as modernity, gender, nationalism, East / West conflict, and high literature versus low culture.

The contributors of the articles are all eminent scholars, including famous exiled scholar, philosopher, and writer Liu Zaifu.


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