Feminism and Global Chineseness: The Cultural Production of Controversial Women Authors

by Aijun Zhu


This book deconstructs the controversy of globally located Chinese women authors, including Maxine Hong Kingston (America) , Wei Hui (Mainland China), Li Ang (Taiwan), and Li Bihua (Hong Kong). It vividly shows how these authors are trapped in a dilemma between feminism, nationalism, and neocolonialism complicated by the powerful influences of global popular culture.

This book not only engages in the much debated major issues such as gender, nation, narration and globalization, but more profoundly, it also points out the cultural and political significance of literary and cultural criticism, a much neglected area of research.

The author’s detailed examination of Chinese nationalism from the perspectives of gender and globalization shows her sharp awareness of the changing geopolitical mapping of Chineseness.

Critics of Chinese literature and culture will benefit from this work in this era of social and political changes.


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