The Italian Americans Third Edition

by Luciano J. Iorizzo and Salvatore Mondello


Since its publication in 1971, The Italian Americans has been widely recognized as the standard text in its field.

In 1980 this highly acclaimed volume was completely revised and updated in a second edition. Dr. Luciano J. Iorizzo and Dr. Salvatore Mondello added new perspectives to their examination of the Italian experience in America from colonial days to modern times. They explained how the Italian immigrants and their descendants were integrated into American society and how the Italian American identity evolved from village and provincial origins.

The authors focused on the contributions of Italian Americans to our nation's artistic, social, economic, political and religious life. The second edition placed considerable importance to such immigrant institutions as the family, the Italian-language press and public and parochial schools in the integration of the Italians in American society. The discrimination and violence the Italians encountered, the myths about their alleged criminality and their images in the mass media are examined.

Readable, comprehensive and carefully researched, The Italian Americans will engross and delight a new generation of general readers while serving as an essential source for contemporary scholars. Cambria Press is proud to make this classic study in ethnic history once again available to readers.


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