The Local Economic Impact of Wal-Mart

by Michael J. Hicks


Wal-Mart's ubiquity presents a potential problem for policymakers confronting local issues (zoning, infrastructure, taxation, etc.) which influence the location of new stores.

Despite a proliferation of Wal-Mart related writing, the consensus among researchers is far less conclusive than either the critics or advocates of the retailer contend. This makes disentangling the effect of Wal-Mart on local economies increasing difficult.

While there have been other books on Wal-Mart, none has provided scholarly economic analysis of the impact of this retail giant. The Local Economic Impact of Wal-Mart is the first to fill this gap with a critical review of the existing literature; it also provides significant empirical evidence which highlights important questions.

This book will be a critical addition for all collections in Business, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology.


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