Redefining the African Diaspora: Expressive Cultures and Politics from Slavery to Independence

by Toyin Falola and Danielle Porter Sanchez


From soukous to mournas, Bakongo high status caps to Dutch wax prints, and Arugba to Viva Riva, expressive culture takes a wide variety of forms on the continent of Africa. Perhaps more curiously, as we move into this increasingly transnational and global age, African cultures are beginning to permeate every corner of the world as individuals internalize and build complex understandings of Africa and Africans. As a result, dialogues on tradition and modernity in Africa and the African diaspora continue to emerge despite the fact that many within the academy profoundly assert the problematic nature of said terms.

This book will push understandings of membership and identities in Africa and the African diaspora forward though unique and insightful essays on Jamaican nationalism, investment in Africa and the African diaspora, Pan-Africanism and African freedom, the intersections of British colonialism and African spaces, the politics of Brazilian baianas, linguistic and cultural Africanisms in the Caribbean, identities in postcolonial francophone literature, and much more.

This book challenges readers to conceptualize the breadth of experiences that characterize daily life in Africa and the African diaspora. Furthermore, readers will experience the intersections of culture, global politics, and understandings of community membership, especially as these concepts heavily inform contemporary issues in Africa and the African diaspora. This study will help us consider the ways in which membership, inclusivity, and identities shape diasporic experiences, especially because these are fluid concepts that shift in response to larger conversations on global politics and daily life inside and outside of Africa. Yet, it is also necessary to emphasize the fact that such studies are an essential part of an ongoing conversation on inclusivity and global politics. As such, this book will inspire continued discussions on diasporic experiences in the context of political developments in this increasingly interconnected world.

This is an important addition for Africana studies and world culture.


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