How Trump Governs: An Assessment and a Prognosis

by Michael A. Genovese


What do the early days of the Trump presidency tell us about the president’s style? Foregrounding this study with a background of how the president’s unorthodox style led him to win the election, Michael A. Genovese looks at the transition period and the usual 100-day standard on which presidents are judged. Genovese presents five tests to see how things have measured up, from Trump’s campaign management to putting together Team Trump to the vision presented in his inaugural address and the first hundred days of the Trump presidency. In addition to looking at President Trump’s leadership style and comparing it with previous presidents, the book examines the campaign promises made and whether they have been or will be fulfilled and why. Not only encapsulating this critical period, this book also looks down the road to see what potential opportunities and challenges President Trump will face and how he might address these.


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