Practical Kindergarten: An Essential Guide to Creative Hands-on Teaching

by Renee Berg and Karen Petersen Wirth


Practical Kindergarten is a tremendous resource that provides teachers with abundant ideas for including hands-on learning activities in their curricula while meeting academic standards.

The "activity plans" describe recommended activities & variations of those activities in detail. Learning plans include how to customize activities to accommodate learning diversity, including English Language Learner, gifted, ADHD, autism disorder, visual impairments, orthopedic impairments, and developmental delays, as well as California academic content standards met.

Materials and preparation, as well as step-by-step instructions are already helpfully on each form for easier and faster completion of the learning plan form.

This guide will be invaluable for all kindergarten teachers in helping them present curriculum that is engaging, fun, and academically useful for children. Practical Kindergarten will help teachers bring process back into the academic environment, and make going to school fun for children (and teachers).

The full appendix and learning plans are also available directly from the publisher. Click here for these materials.


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