Veblen in Plain English: A Complete Introduction to Thorstein Veblen's Economics

by Ken McCormick


Most economists will agree that the task of understanding and teaching Veblen is not an easy one. Locating a book for the non-specialist is even harder, and hence the purpose of this book. This pioneering text fully delivers what its title promises - Veblen in Plain English. For the non-specialist and student alike, Professor McCormick illuminates the ideas of Veblen in a manner that is well written and easy to understand. This is a refreshing and most welcome addition to literature on Veblen. The foreword is by Dr. Rick Tilman, another noted expert on Veblen.

Cambria Press is proud to publish this special, hardcover edition of this seminal work for research libraries so that professors and students will enjoy this text for years to come.


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