Asian American Identities: Racial and Ethnic Identity Issues in the Twenty-First Century

by Cheri Philip


“The book represents important new thinking regarding Asian American identity. It provides a useful framework for studying the significance and meaning that Asian Americans place on this identity within their self-concept. As such, it is a must read for anyone serious about the topic.” – Robert M. Sellers, Professor of Psychology and Chair, Personality and Social Contexts Area, University of Michigan

“In addition to contributing to knowledge regarding the nature and development of Asian American identity, this book has important implications for those interested in studying how Asian American identity functions in specific domains, for example, processes related to family, education, the workplace as well as mental health functioning.” – Tabbye M. Chavous, Associate Professor, School of Education, Combined Program in Education and Psychology, University of Michigan

“Dr. Philip’s model, which distinguishes between an ethnic specific identity (e.g., Korean American) and a “Pan-Asian” identity (Asian American), is grounded in a thoughtful review of the interdisciplinary literature on immigration, acculturation and the diversity of Asian groups’ experiences in the United States. Her research findings are based on a national sample, and include comparisons among different Asian groups, and first- and second-generation participants. This book is a timely and original contribution to the growing literature on ethnic and racial identity.” – Elizabeth R. Cole, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, AfroAmerican and African Studies, and Psychology, University of Michigan

“This book provides a insightful look into Asian American identity. It provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the historical, psychological and social issues surrounding the development of an Asian American identity.” – Margaret J. Shih, Associate Professor of Psychology, Personality and Social Contexts Area, University of Michigan


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