The Genius of Kinship: The Phenomenon of Human Kinship and the Global Diversity of Kinship Terminologies

by German Dziebel


"... a truly impressive document and is one that is likely to provoke wide ranging discussions on a number of topics. His erudition is truly remarkable, ranging as it does from genetics, through linguistics, prehistory, kin classification, philosophy, and so on and on. It is also hugely synthetic, full of big ideas, propositions, and ambitions. Different parts of it will be of interest to some scholars more than others, but it is a highly integrative work." - Harold Scheffler, Professor of Anthropology, Yale University

"... fascinating and intriguing ... the author has brought up himself as a 'native American' in Europe and that has led to a very particular perspective on things that is entirely unique. His account delves into the details of lifestyles and kinship terminologies that come out of this experience and his fieldwork. It is at once a personal and a very broad account. The implications are very wide ranging indeed, and many will find the ideas a little off-beat. But they are fresh and different ... He makes a real contribution from a novel angle and that is rare these days." - Professor Ian Hodder, Stanford University


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