Contemporary Arab American Women Writers: Hyphenated Identities and Border Crossings

by Amal Talaat Abdelrazek


"Given the growing recognition by readers and critics alike that the landscape of American literature is changing at a rapid pace along with its demographics and given the national attention focused on Muslim and Arab Americans following the events of 9/11 and subsequent war in Iraq, the present volume is a timely addition to the field of American Literary Studies. Abdelrazek’s study not only calls attention to the active literary production of Arab American women writers but also engages in a serious scholarly analysis of their writing. Moreover, the literary analyses have extra-literary relevance since they focus on the complex position of Arab American women and the challenges they face in their daily lives within U.S. culture in ways that complicate and in effect invalidate stereotypes." - Magali Cornier Michael, Professor of English, Duquesne University


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