Sons of Garibaldi in Blue and Gray: Italians in the American Civil War

by Frank W. Alduino and David J. Coles


"A noble effort indeed, this intelligent, well-crafted narrative is buttressed by the impressive list of primary sources ...Recommended." - CHOICE

"Although not numerous, the part played by Italian and Italian Americans during the war is informative, colorful, and extremely fascinating––a story that deserves to be told. Scrupulously employing canons of historical objectivity, Frank Alduino and David Coles have mined an impressive array of primary and secondary sources exhaustively––some virtually undiscovered––to establish their thesis reinforced by the unassailable objective historical record. ... this is a robust, solid, and sturdy work of history that records the important role Italians and Italian Americans played during the Civil War. They fought in some of the most critical battles such as Bull Run and Gettysburg, and participated in blockading key ports––a worthy contribution to ethnic history that also enriches our understanding of the Civil War. It is the definitive monograph in the field." – Salvatore J. LaGumina, Professor, Nassau Community College and past President of the American Italian Historical Association


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