Urban Brazil: Visions, Afflictions, and Governance Lessons

by Ivani Vassoler


"Vassoler provides a critical appraisal of how these city programs have developed, looks at their various contradictions and limitations, and compares Curitiba’s 35 years of efforts to the near-absence of such efforts in the city of São Paulo ... Vassoler’s fine work...[opens] areas for future research into another possible world in this engaging context of Curitiba." - Latin American Politics and Society

"This book should be a must for anyone interested in Latin American urbanization and urban planning/administration. If you are a professor who teaches Latin America or urban planning, this book should be placed on your reading list for your students. It should become a guidebook for those involved in the governing of Latin American cities and other cities in middle-income economies, which share many similar problems..." - Michael McAdams, Professor of Geography, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey


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