Jews in Blue: The Jewish American Experience in Law Enforcement

by Jack Kitaeff


This book will serve as a motivation and roadmap for Jews as well as for others willing to devote their lives to a career in criminal justice. It should be kept as a permanent resource and perhaps required reading for students who often question the value of education and who see their own race, religion, or ethnicity as a roadblock to certain types of careers that are not considered typical for their group.
– Dr. Harvey Schlossberg, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, St. John’s University

When I think back on my own career and reflect on the careers of other “Jews in Blue,” I am more convinced than ever that ours is an interesting and compelling story. We are a rare breed of police officers who come to the job with enormous faith and history, and a unique perspective about the importance of our contributions to the institution of public safety service. Ours is not just a simple story of symbolism, but more a story of the substance of who we really are in the complex world of law enforcement. This, it seems to me, is all the more reason to have our story told.
– Deputy Chief David P. Baker, Alexandria Police Department, Administrative Services Bureau

I enjoyed reading this book for many reasons. One, of course, is the many Jewish comrades that I have served with over the past 43 years and their strong contributions to the protection of our communities.

Even more important, though, is the simple truth and fact that no law enforcement agency can successfully carry out its mission unless it ethnically and religiously mirrors, in some fashion, the community it protects. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Jew, or Muslim, it is essential that all participate in the protection of our people and our homeland.
– Sheriff James F. Kralik, Sheriff, Rockland County, New York


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