Reflections on Dream of the Red Chamber

by Liu Zaifu


"Unlike countless studies of Dream of the Red Chamber that employ the method of evidential research and analysis, Reflections on Dream of the Red Chamber uses the intuitive approach of Zen to get to the heart of the novel. With his insightful expositions of Cao Xueqin’s novel as both a novel about life and an unconventional work, Liu Zaifu establishes himself as a scholar who adopts a viewpoint of an 'outsider' in a crowded field...I recommend this book to English-speaking readers as an aid on their journey into the spiritual world of Dream of the Red Chamber, a world that transcends both the boundaries of time and the boundaries of geography." - Gao Xingjian, Winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize for Literature

"A delightful, fascinating, and enlightening reading of Cao Xueqin's eighteenth-century masterpiece Honglou meng ... extremely engaging and stimulating ... the author's cross-cultural comparisons and references may well broaden his readers' perspective and will be helpful to English readers of Chinese literature ... The translator has also done a good job by using lucid and pithy language to translate some extremely complicated concepts and expressions." – China Review International


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