Education, Migration, and Cultural Capital in the Chinese Diaspora: Transnational Students Between Hong Kong and Canada

by Johanna L. Waters


"This book illustrates the geography of international education through a thorough case study of middle-class Hong Kong families in terms of cultural capital accumulation. In the broad context of transnationalism and transnationlization, the book provides a peculiar perspective concerning the global flow of capital--the economical on the part of host countries and the cultural for international students. Migration and diaspora, therefore, represent the different forms of disposal of current capital in pursuit of overseas credentials in the case of Hong Kong middle-class families, which demonstrates the concepts of education in typical Chinese families. Thought-provoking and inspiring, this book makes an important contribution to the literature of international education and contains a wealth of ideas for professionals interested to go on probing. The clear development, novel perspective and convincing argument are worthy of a good read. Recommended to all those working in education and its related fields." - International Education


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