Brian Castro's Fiction: The Seductive Play of Language

by Bernadette Brennan


"Brennan’s critique calls forth a community around Castro’s writing. Her monograph overflows with her passionate, intelligent response to Castro’s fiction but she never exhausts her ideas. Resisting the seduction of conclusiveness, she provides a solid foundation for readers of Castro’s fiction, allowing her discussion to return repeatedly to the themes of writing, memory, desire and death." - JASAL

"Bernadette Brennan's monograph Brian Castro: the Seductive Play of Language is a necessary and significant contribution to the field of Brian Castro scholarship. It illuminates to date the work of a major contemporary writer in important ways, elucidating the complexity and high jumps of Castro's themes and preoccupations, offering up 'imaginative possibilities' rather than unimaginative closures." Tina Giannoukos, Traffic.

"Brennan’s theoretical acumen (her references to Roland Barthes are especially rich and interesting) and her wide knowledge of global fiction and poetry (not to mention visual arts) during the past century make her book an enlightening and heuristic guide to one of Australia’s most innovative fiction writers." Nicholas Burns, Review of Australian Studies


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