Haile Selassie, Western Education and Political Revolution in Ethiopia

by Paulos Milkias


"Recommended. General readers, undergraduate, and graduate collections." - CHOICE

“Dr. Paulos Milkias, an Ethiopian scholar of repute...gives us the first detailed analysis by an Ethiopian of the momentous events which have created today’s Ethiopia.” – Dr. Richard Pankhurst, O.B.E., Professor and Founding Director of Institute of Ethiopian Studies

“Paulos’s cogently and lavishly argued emphasis on the radicalizing impact of anti-Americanism is definitely the best moment of the book, which is also sprinkled with riveting narratives about the educational system and the student movement..." – Dr. Messay Kebede, Professor of Philosophy, University of Dayton, in International Journal of Ethiopian Studies

“Lucid, erudite and ground-breaking in its new insights and fresh perspectives, this is the finest book on Ethiopia that I have seen in a decade. As such, it commends itself as a must read, alike to students of Ethiopian politics and policy makers concerned with the welfare of the peoples of the region. As well, it is likely to generate great demand, given the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian professors and professionals awaiting its publication.” – Said S. Samatar, Professor of African History, Rutgers University and Editor-in-Chief, Horn of Africa Journal

“It is one of the best works I have read on the subject so far...The work is very rich. It is a remarkably comprehensive social-scientific study on the role of education in the political developments of Ethiopia in the second half of the 20th century.” – apl. Prof. Dr. Tesfatsion Medhanie, Faculty of Law and Department of Political Science, University of Bremen, Germany

"...a gripping narrative that describes the paradox produced by a liberal education dependent upon an authoritarian system that leads to a rejection of the very ideology that made possible such education. This book is must reading.” – Dr. Theodore M. Vestal, Professor of Political Science, Oklahoma State University

"...adds a great deal of important information about this tumultuous period from the perspective of the education sector about which too little has been written. While others have written about the role of students and teachers in Ethiopia at this time, Milkias's book adds much useful information and important insights that complement these other works. A particularly important insight of the book is that educational reform on the eve of the emperor's overthrow coincided with shrunken funding for education, thereby increasing the number of educated Ethiopians beyond what the emperor's government could continue to effective co-opt, as it had done so effectively earlier..." - John W. Harbeson, PhD, City University of New York, in International Journal of African Historical Studies, 2007.

“An extremely interesting volume, one that should make a contribution to a growing literature on postrevolutionary (and post-"liberation") politics as well as the challenges of maintaining political stability while reforming an economy. Ethiopia's revolution was simultaneously unique and typical, and scholars of revolutions will find much to reflect upon in this volume.” – Canadian Journal of Political Science

“The book is an outstanding resource for students of history, political science, sociology, public administration, and education. Milkias has produced a well-documented account of the confluence of power, politics, and education in Ethiopia's recent past.” –Journal of Oromo Studies

"[Paulos] has produced a work that can generate extensive discussion and debate...In the reviewer’s view, Haile Selassie, Western Education and Political Revolution is a highly thought-provoking and useful book." ––Shiferaw Bekele, Professor of history, Addis Ababa University


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