The Chinese of Indonesia and Their Search for Identity: The Relationship Between Collective Memory and the Media

by Aimee Dawis


"Aimeeā€™s study has rightly shown the plurality of Chinese Indonesians, and this study offers valuable insights to the complicated dynamics, in which Indonesians, of diverse and often hybrid backgrounds, continue to redefine themselves and their place in nation building." - Professor Melani Budianta, University of Indonesia

"Being educated and having lived many years overseas herself, Aimee, who is in the same age bracket as her respondents, is not your typical Chinese-Indonesian. She has been exposed to the outside world and has absorbed different cultures. Her decision to pick up this theme is a testament to her intellectual courage and a strong desire to find her own identity, a very sound urge. As she says in the book, she has met with a multitude of challenges, one of which was to avoid over-identifying herself as a member of the very group she was studying. This kind of study should be encouraged across all ethnic groups in Indonesia as it helps solidify rather than undermine the nation's unity." - The Jakarta Post


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