Identity in Doris Lessing’s Space Fiction

by David Waterman


"Waterman contributes to an understanding of Lessing's worldview by appropriately exploring global identities, shared cultural traditions, and morphing colonial experiments." - Doris Lessing Studies

“Lessing’s examination of the relationship between individual identity and group identity produces a productive tension that accounts for so much of interest in her work over many years. Nowhere is that tension more obvious or more interesting than in the “space fiction” that David Waterman so ably explores. Waterman writes convincingly of Lessing’s desire “to cut through the performance, the received ideas, the habits and customs of our daily lives.” Drawing on a wide range of sources, he provides an interdisciplinary reading of the “space fiction” and maps Lessing’s brave exploration of the hierarchical landscapes that so often imprison us. Waterman offers a timely reading of Lessing for contemporary readers living in the landscape of globalization. – Professor Margaret Moan Rowe, Purdue University


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