Villages, Women, and the Success of Dairy Cooperatives in India: Making Place for Rural Development

by Pratyusha Basu


"Basu’s methodology combines detailed observations and interviews, the latter revealed especially well in extracts of in-depth conversations, which greatly enriches the book ... we see the positionalities of speakers and the complexities of interpretation. The material shows how power and resistance are understood, expressed, and played out in the operation and development of the rural economies. Particularly good examples relate to interpretations of whether women should engage directly in management or governance of the dairy cooperatives, the implications of potential collective bargaining of pay for agricultural labor, and differences between the two communities in how men speak of whether dairying is men’s work or also involves women in its various aspects. The book thus has wider implications for development studies beyond the case of cooperative dairying in India. Basu’s research is critical of broad-brush studies, policies, and programs of international and national development that aim to alleviate poverty with “one-size-fits-all” perspectives and that are not sufficiently attentive to diversity within community cultures and politics or open to multifaceted approaches to sustaining livelihoods." – The Professional Geographer


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